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Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Healthy Summer

The warmest season of the year is back with us again. During summer it is very important to keep ourselves hydrated and healthy, but many of us fail to do so. Summer is the time when none of us feels like to go out in the scorching heat of the sun and try to protect ourselves from the high temperature but unfortunately, we can’t. There are some other factors as well which we should keep it in mind during this summer time.

As we all know Global Warming is one the reason which causes some major problems in our lifestyle. It is very common to get heat strokes during summer, but don’t worry we have some tips and tricks to protect you from the heat.

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It is necessary to drink at least 2-3 litres of water every day. Try to carry a water bottle whenever you are going out containing at least 1 liter of water in it. Try to avoid drink from local tap water as it can cause some major illness. If possible try to add glucose to your water bottle; Glucose plays a significant role in maintaining the body endurance.

Choose your clothes sagely

For the ones who loves black they must avoid wearing black clothes and try wearing lighter shades. If you want to feel comfortable then say no to satin, leather, mixed fabrics etc. It will be better if you go for some cotton wears.

Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Healthy Summer Image 2 - Blogs PubEat fresh and healthy foods

Summer is the time when there is a maximum chance of food poisoning; so try to avoid junk foods, leftover foods, sugary sodas etc. Try to pick some fresh fruits and vegetables like Watermelon, Berries, Papaya, Aegle marmelos (Bael), Cucumber, Pineapple, Sweet Lemon (Mosambi) etc. You can also make shakes by these and carry with yourself all the time.

Take shower at least twice in a day

Staying clean is another major rule for a healthy summer. After a whole hectic day who don’t want to feel fresh, so for that always wash your face and hands after you come back home and then don’t forget to take a complete shower; it will refresh your skin and mind as well.

Apply Sunscreen

If you really want to protect your skin and avoid being tanned in this summer then applying sunscreen is a must. Always ensure that you buy a good sunscreen so that your skin will not get affected by it. While applying the sunscreen, always try to cover up on all the exposed areas of your body as it’s just not only the face you would like to protect being tanned.

These are some of the effective tips and tricks you must follow in this summer. Apart from all these try to maintain yourself not only in this summer but also throughout the year by taking care of your everyday lifestyle which includes proper sleeping duration, proper diet, exercise, and much more.

Written by: Akankhita Roy

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19 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Healthy Summer”

  1. I love summer, always have and always will! Thanks for the advice. I usually forget to apply suncreen and I know it’s not really healthy for my skin 🙁

  2. These are some great tips! We do drink plenty of water and grab the sunscreen. But we only do one shower a day. Two would increase the water bill too much.

  3. Thanks for the tips Bishal. I need to keep reminding myself of drinking water.
    Thankfully this year summer is not that scorching in my place. There are occasional showers.

  4. Great tips! Will definitely be grabbing the sunscreen and drinking plenty of water this summer. I’ll still be wearing black though, no amount of heat can stop me from wearing my signature colour, its all about choosing the right fabrics for the temperature!

  5. You have shared some excellent tips to sail through the summer! Drinking water is my priority given climate in my city is so hot and unusually humid too

  6. I know how important drinking water is. Also wearing the right close always help to feel nice. I always thought that showering too often was actually very bad for your skin and natural defense?

  7. Great tips for summer! It’s really important that you always have sunscreen and water wherever you’re going. It’s tough to beat the heat but fresh fruits and water will definitely help!

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