Things That Make You Love and Hate KOTA

Things That Will Make You Love and Hate KOTA

Parents want the best for their children. They often dream that their children will be attending the best of universities and then secure top-notch jobs in modern society. Today’s society is a very competitive place where power and money have become prime needs for survival. Unemployment rates are running high, only adding to the pressure on students to consider their future.

Every parent has a dream that their child would either be a Doctor or an Engineer, so the best way to get the result is to get your child enrolled at a private institute in Kota, Rajasthan. Each year, around Four Lakhs and Fifty Thousand students prepare themselves to take the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) exam, hoping for an entry to the hallowed public engineering institutes located across India. Almost 50,455 students passed in 2017 which counts to approx 31.7% success rate in IIT exams.

Things That Make You Love and Hate KOTAKota according to local people is known as the coaching hub of India or the “Knowledge city of India”. Thousands of students arrive in this small town in Rajasthan with their parents every year to join the crammed schools to make sure that their future becomes bright by getting admissions into the most prestigious institutes, universities or colleges in India by cracking the entrance exams, and why not, because from the last decade, the coaching classes have produced mind-boggling results in the toughest of entrance exams in India. On an average, almost 1.6 lakh teenagers from all the states come down to Kota’s coaching institutes every year, paying between 50,000 and a lakh for annual tuition. In a few institutes, students are taught by IIT alumni, who claim salaries of Rs 1.5 – 2 crore for their expertise. The stakes are higher for the students who borrow money to come to Kota because neither the coaching centers nor hostels / paying guests in Kota have exit policies or refunds.

Every day, a student is given a Daily Practice Problem sheet which the student has to complete by next class and no matter how intelligent or how good he/she is at problem-solving, it’s just not possible to finish by time, it’s just pressure building. Days pass by and homework starts piling up and after few months, many students just stop doing their homework. Eventually, the student loses all his hopes and drowns himself in his room, which becomes a HELL!!!

This result to Psychological Impact on children and they succumb to the most heinous crime of humanity SUICIDE. In 2017, 4 aspirants had committed suicide between January and October.Things That Make You Love and Hate KOTA

Why do the young aspiring minds commit suicide?? The reasons are:

  • Loneliness: Living in an 8′ x 8′ ft room sitting on a chair with piles of books/sheets lying unsolved on the table in front. No one to converse and share their emotions & loneliness and it just adds up to life.
  • Hopelessness: A student who has secured a 99.95% in his/her 10th standard and suddenly scoring negative marks in the review tests. All hopes are shattered and no avenues are known how to confess this to their parents who have spent money and have lofty dreams.

The sole solution to this misery is important that parents and teachers start making an effort to understand the caliber and the abilities of their children. For students, it is important to understand that suicide is not a solution. It only devastates not only their own but many other associated with them. There is always help available in the form of counselors, psychologists and even special friends who are more than willing to help them cope with it.

Written by: Snehasis Chakraborty

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