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The Ultimate Guide to DIY Summer Products

All the girls out there, are you facing skin problems this summer? Are the costly skin products burning your pocket? Are you looking for homemade solutions to all your skin problems this summer? Then this guide has everything you need to know about the best solution to all the summer skin problems you’re facing.

So without further ado, let’s get started…

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Summer Products - Image 2 - Blogs PubLemon and Yogurt Pack

All you need is one lemon and 20 gms of Yogurt. Squeeze the lemon into the yogurt and mix it well. Keep it in the refrigerator for 5 minutes and then apply it on your skin before going for shower. But don’t forget to clean it up after 6 to 8 minutes. This is going to be a perfect solution to clear the dead cells and it will also keep the skin pores clean and healthy.

CC Pack

CC pack is a mixture of curd and cucumber. For your information, Cucumber is very good for skin as it also containsThe Ultimate Guide to DIY Summer Products - Image 5 - Blogs Pub vitamin C and Caffeic acid which helps to reduce irritated skin due to high temperature. Before making this pack make sure that you keep the curd in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes. After that, peel off the upper layer of cucumber, grind it, and mix it well with the curd. Before applying it to your skin try to clean your face with water and then apply it gently on your skin. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash your face well.

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Summer Products - Image 6 - Blogs PubCoco-Milk Therapy

Well, Coconut is the best solution to moisturize your skin. During summer our skin becomes oily due to sweat, but it’s important to keep our skin clean and moisturized all the time. So for that all you need to do is take a glass of milk, add 5 tsp of coconut water or else you can also add coconut oil. If possible try to buy liquid vitamin C from any local pharmacy store and then mix all the three items together. After that apply it to your skin and wash it after 15 minutes to get a new moisturized and hydrated skin.

Banana and Honey Pack

Banana is filled with vitamins, which is a perfect solution to say goodbye to your wrinkles. It can also give you a fairer look once you will apply it to your skin. All you need to do is make a banana paste and pour 2tsp of honey in it. Mix it well and then apply it to your face. Keep it for 4 to 5 minutes and wash it well.

Lip Scrub

One thing you’ve noticed for sure that your lips gets dry in summer due to the direct sun rays on your face. If you want to keep your lips soft then don’t waste your time and start making this lip scrub. All you need is 1tsp of raw honey, coconut oil, granulated sugar, and 1 lemon. Squeeze the lemon; add 1tsp of raw honey and coconut oil. Mix them well and then apply it on your lips. Keep it for 8 to 10 minutes and wash it off.

All these are some basic homemade ideas to pamper your skin in this summer. Try them and let us know in the comment section below.

Written by: Akankhita Roy

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