Your Key To Success Being a Leader

Your Key To Success: Being a Leader

A number of you may say that a leader is the one who is a good speaker. Yes, speaking and making yourself heard is definitely a trait that every leader possesses. However, what matters the most is whether, as a leader, you can inspire your listeners and followers.

While thinking along this line, I realized that being a leader, I should be a better listener than a speaker. If I do not listen to the problems that my teammates are facing, how am I supposed to come to a solution?

I also realized that it was essential to let my teammates enjoy the work. Yes, it is necessary that we adhere to the deadline. However, what matters more is the quality of work. Once we work with love and passion, compromising on the quality of work would not be a headache. And, if we can enjoy the work, do we really have to worry about the deadline?

I don’t know if I am a good leader. However, I know that I am trying to be a good listener so that I can help my teammates out. I hope I can live up to their expectations and help them achieve their dreams.


Author: Shreya Dutta

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8 thoughts on “Your Key To Success: Being a Leader”

  1. I noticed that often a good leader does not have to be a good speaker. He must organize the reality of both his subordinates and his own well. A good leader must be very empathic, because without it errors in communication are certain.

  2. Wonderfully said! That’s exactly how I see a perfect leader: he is a good listener and knows about the problems of the people that he’s leading, in order to be able to lead at all. Also, a good leader isn’t someone who’s bossy or pushing people around. A good leader takes his people by the hand and works with them together.

  3. Being a good listener is definitely essential to being a good leader, as well as having the confidence to then organise the ideas and involve an entire group. I often find myself taking on that role in a group as I don’t like the “me,me,me” person who just wants to be “the boss”. This disengages the group, interest and motivation drops because you feel less worthy. I love group work when everyone is involved and ideas are bouncing around, it feels so productive, the passion is flowing and the end result is usually something quite magical. It sounds like you are already on the path of self-development and you think about how you can help others, this is an amazing quality.

  4. Thank you for sharing your sensible insight about leadership. Definitely being an active and good listener is important. This is the first step to creating an effective solution and a sound decision. Also making the tasks enjoyable helps to accomplish and meet the goal better. Surely there are ways to work around a deadline by delegating tasks that suit the each member and sticking to accomplishing the tasks at an earlier schedule before the deadline or just extend the deadline. 😀

  5. Being a leader and being a good listener go hand in hand and that’s so important! I really am glad you brought that up! I’ve always felt that a lot of the reasons certain restaurants have such high turnover in some jobs have this issue because their employees are miserable due to bad management. They just throw people in management positions and give them leadership roles without seeing if they are leadership material and it causes for no listening, arrogance, and disrespecting employees. So listening and making sure your team is enjoying what their doing is KEY! Great post!

  6. “While thinking along this line, I realized that being a leader, I should be a better listener than a speaker” – without good listening skills, a person can never become a good leader.

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